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What's New:

1/7/10 - Put up a bunch of 2009 pictures including: Jordan's Birthday, the Newburg N.Y. trip for Sam's Birthday, the Niagara Falls trip, Halloween, and the minivan accident.

12/18/08 - Ditto the Ice Storm pictures.

7/29/08 - It has been a while, and I still have older stuff to post, but Denise wanted to share the Tornado pictures.

1/4/08 - Finally got to put up the email blogs and some of the pictures from our great cross country drive.

6/21/07 - Pictures of the kids so far in 2007, several Robey family events including Grandma's 100th Birthday party, Passover

1/29/07 - There is a new structure and new pictures in the Robey Ridge North (lake house) section.  From now on I will be putting all of the pictures there for events that happen at the lake.

1/1/07 - Pictures from 2006 - 2006 Pictures and Robey family events 2006

12/3/05 - Pictures from Chainsaw Days 2005

11/20/05 - Pictures from Josh's 40th.  Built a ladder to to cubitle in the barn.  Pictures with the kids from Olde Home Days

8/18/05 - The cubitle is finally up on the barn.  New pictures of the lake house.

8/11/05 - Pictures from the Parlor project.

7/1/05 - A bunch more kid pictures from 2004.  Pictures from Thanksgiving 2004 and Passover 2004.

6/16/05 - Starting on new web site server.  Added pictures from "chainsaw day 2004". 

5/13/04 - The VirtualDriveway tour is now on line.  Also, just getting started on the Lake/Log house pictures.


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